Working with Children and Young People


I believe it is tough to be growing up in this era. So much pressure from school, family and the world in general. It might feel to them that there are so many people telling them what to do and nobody seeming to understand. Young people are existing in a different world guided by social media that is so quickly evolving even they cannot see how the future may be shaped.

Growing up in London there are many social and cultural issues evolving. My feeling is that young people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds have to hold a very careful balance between their own family cultural identities and the wider culture of school and life in a city like London.

Counselling with me is a safe and gentle space. I won’t direct and give advice based on what I think it best for my clients. I want to provide a space and time where together with the young person we can try to work out what is troubling them and help them to look forward – empowering them to make decisions and choices as and when they arise.

Everything we discuss is confidential between myself and my client. Exceptions to that will be if I become concerned for their safety and well being Р emotionally, socially, legally. If I am concerned I will always attempt to talk to the young person first regarding my concerns and explain wherever possible my proposed course of action. This will be discussed in more detail during my first session.